We pursue for the following four responsibilities.
Our business activities will search and create new values to life, without harming any of ecological and socio-cultural values.

Four Responsibilities

  • Responsibility for Consumers
    While we provide the latest and valuable trends in areas of our magazines, we have a trust from our consumers for its accuracy and credibility of contents.
  • Responsibility for Employees and Staff
    Each and every worker is equal and is provided healthy environment. Compensation, motivation and welfare are based on fair evaluation.
  • Responsibility for Regions
    We will contribute by means of tax to the municipalities where our office locates and all other places our staff, out sourcing members and our clients and consumers live.
  • Responsibility for Clients and Investors
    When all of the above requirements are satisfied with a healthy net profit and provisions for following fiscal years, justness compensation will be returned to whom believed in us and invested prior to our activities.